More than 23,000 of us voiced support for decommissioning Enbridge’s Line 5 oil pipelines in the Straits of Mackinac during the public comment period which closed August 4, 2017.

Thank you for taking the time and caring enough about protecting the Great Lakes to submit your comments. Your comments helped make a huge impact! More than 11,000 people signed Oil and Water Don't Mix's official public comment petition, and another 10,356 people submitted postcards to the state calling on officials to stop the flow of oil in the Great Lakes.  Now, please...

Call the 2 people with immediate authority to "Retire Line 5"

Both Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Either one has the ability to "Retire Line 5" by decommissioning it before disaster strikes. They need to hear from lots of us so they know we care about guarding our water and jobs to protect our way of life around the Great Lakes. Governor Snyder's phone number is 517-373-3400.

Attorney General Schuette has said "Line 5's days are numbered", so we need to encourage him to count them down quickly!  Send an email to Attorney General Schuette at or call his office (Lansing 517-373-1110 or Detroit 313-456-0240). Calling multiple days is even better. Our elected officials get daily summaries of why people are calling. Be specific that you want Line 5 decommissioned as soon as possible because of its vulnerable location in the Straits of Mackinac.

Plus → Read all ballot proposals carefully & research before signing!

Line 5 needs to be "decommissioned" so that its use is ended and the pipeline is carefully removed. Repairing the aging pipeline does not remove the risk of a spill in our Great Lakes - nor does ending the easement but giving permission for other petroleum products to still be transported.