There is so much information available that it is sometimes overwhelming.

That is how Terri Wilkerson felt when she first started digging to figure out if there was one issue which seemed to be the most important for us in the Great Lakes area.  

It didn’t take long to figure out that Line 5 is the biggest threat to our water and way of life for everything from jobs to recreation for those of us lucky enough to live around the Great Lakes. However, Terri felt swamped by trying to figure out just the facts about Line 5. She went to lots of meetings, read lots of articles, explored lots of websites, and talked to lots of people - including people who work for Enbridge. The more Terri learned, the more she felt there should be an easier way to learn the basics and get pointers to the most relevant information. 

So, with the help of just a few friends, this site is coming together as a place to start learning about Line 5. We hope that as you learn about Line 5 and its risky location, you will be inspired to learn more about it, and be moved take action to Guard OUR Water and Jobs in the Great Lakes! Get the latest by liking the Retire Line 5 Facebook page. Click here to go to it.


If you have relevant, basic content to add to this site - or constructive feedback on how to make it better, please contact me:

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